recovery Newsletter 06|2022
SENNEBOGEN hands over first battery-powered material handler 825 Electro Battery to cooperation partner CRONIMET
© Anke Bracht, Bauverlag
To maximize the reduction of CO2 emissions in the recycling process, SENNEBOGEN has cooperated with its key account CRONIMET to develop the 30-t electric material handler 825 Electro Battery with battery-powered operation. Zero-emission operation is thus enabling a sustainability approach in the recycling process itself that goes beyond the return of valuable resources into the circular economy ...
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How can lithium-ion batteries be recycled safely?

Lithium-ion batteries can be found everywhere and the use of such power storage devices is steadily increasing. In the whitepaper Raw material recovery with lithium-ion recycling, it is explained how the largest possible proportion of raw materials can be recovered in a 4-step process while at the same time ensuring maximum safety for people and the environment.

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Innovative cleaning ship frees the sea from plastic waste
© Synthes3D, The SeaCleaners
Shimmering turquoise water, white sandy beaches and swaying palm trees: the Indonesian islands are among the dream destinations of many holidaymakers, destinations such as Bali entice with picturesque beach settings and unique nature. But many small islands off the Indonesian coast are far from pristine postcard idylls. Where once shells and coral remains washed up, today – unlike in the 1970s – a flood of plastic waste is piling up ...
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Vecoplan shredders: A modular systemfor custom solutions

© Vecoplan AG

What does a company do when it has to shred an unusual kind of material or needs a drive for its shredder that meets very special requirements? These are only two of the problems that Vecoplan solves for its customers. The recycling specialists have taken a fresh look at their shredding machines and standardised the interfaces. Users can now take advantage of a modular system that will handle a wide range of cases ...
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New URT end-of-life refrigerator plant is ready to start up in Isreal
The assembly of the country's first end of life refrigerator recycling plant in Isreal for Electra Recycling Ltd. is now finished and ready for start up. The focus of the plant concept is on the proper depollution of fridges and the simultaneous recovery of recyclable materials. Therefore, blowing agents and refrigerants are recovered properly. Through shredding and several separation steps, valuable materials with a high degree of purity will be recovered. The plant is fulfilling the CENELEC standard. Follow URT on LinkedIn
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Robotic sorting and the mechanics of recycling robots
Today, robotic technology is rapidly evolving in the recycling industry, especially with optical sorting equipment. Drawing from deep datasets, optical sorters using different ejection methods process material fractions more efficiently and with higher purity rates than at any other time. But what exactly constitutes a robot in the recycling industry and how do these machines leverage the deep learning subset of Artificial Intelligence (AI) to benefit today’s recycling facilities? ...
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See you at K 2025 – the No. 1 trade fair of the plastics and rubber industry
It was so good to see you at K 2022, the No. 1 trade fair of the plastics and rubber industry.
- 176,000 trade visitors from all continents and 169 countries
- 3,037 exhibitors
-pioneering impulses on hot topics of the industry such as circular economy, digitalization and climate protaction

See you again at K 2025: 8 – 15 October 2025
30 years of production at the Doppstadt site in Calbe

© Doppstadt Gruppe

For more than 50 years, the Doppstadt Group has been one of the leading manufacturers of processing solutions for the waste disposal and recycling industry in Germany. A significant part of this is due to the approximately 450 employees at the Calbe site in Saxony-Anhalt, which celebrated its 30th anniversary in September. Doppstadt celebrated the round birthday of its 220 000 m² site in the Salzland district with the employees on 14 October. The company is then looking forward to a celebration with dealers and customers in spring 2023 ...
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