ZKG Newsletter 6|2023
Creating value through innovation for the cement industry
KHD has long led technological development in the cement industry. It continues this tradition of innovation, offering solutions that address some of today’s most pressing challenges. [Photo: KHD]
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BEUMER Group introduces a modular system for its palletizers
The BEUMER Group has completely redesigned and overhauled its paletpac range of robust palletizers. The modular machines now have identical or similar components and modules and – wherever possible – are based on the same design. The total number of components has been reduced and faster deliveries are possible. If replacement parts are later needed, this will also go faster. BEUMER configures the modules according to each customer’s requirements, tests them in-house and installs them on the customer’s premises, saving time and money.
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Heidelberg Materials partners with the Government of Canada
Heidelberg Materials and the Government of Canada successfully completed a Memorandum of Understanding in support of Heidelberg Materials’ project to develop the cement industry’s first global full-scale carbon capture and storage facility. The new facility, which is part of Heidelberg Materials’ Edmonton plant in Alberta, is scheduled to be operational by late 2026 and will capture more than 1 million t of CO2 annually.
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Event Preview
21st International Conference on Building Materials – ibausil
From September 13-15, 2023, the 21st International Conference on Building Materials – ibausil will once again be one of the most important building materials congresses in Europe. The renowned forum brings together researchers from universities and companies, as well as engineers working in practice, for a lively exchange of scientific knowledge and experience. The conference venue will be the congress centrum weimarhalle at Unesco-Platz 1 in Weimar. [Photo: Matthias Lieboldt]
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Carbon Upcycling and A3&Co. sign a strategic partnership toaccelerate cement decarbonization and circularity
Carbon Upcycling signed a strategic partnership with A3&Co. to support the engineering and project delivery of Carbon Upcycling’s technology in the global cement and concrete industry. The partnership sets the foundation for Carbon Upcycling and A3&Co. to pave the future of low-carbon concrete and the development of a circular economy. [Photo: A3&Co.®/Carbon Upcycling]
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Control system upgrade according to the latest EU directives
In the northwest of Spain, Cementos Tudela Veguín is dedicated to the production of cement and other building materials. In addition to the production of cement, its business activities include, among other things, quicklime, hydrated lime, slag, gravel, mortar and fresh concrete. Cementos Tudela Veguín has been a customer of Maerz for many years and has now decided to carry out a control system upgrade according to the latest EU guidelines on two of its four kilns. [Photo: Maerz Ofenbau AG]
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Cemex and Regenera Mexico trust in Lindner’s shredding experience for RDF production
In Mexico, waste, including industrial waste, is still frequently disposed of in landfill sites. Regenera, a Cemex subsidiary, focuses on developing circular economy solutions for the waste industry. The recycling pioneer Lindner and its local sales & service partner, GTA Ambiental, actively support this project with their on-site recycling machinery and service. Mexico, with its capital Mexico City, is the fifth largest country in the Americas. [Photo: Lindner Recyclingtech]
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Highlights of the Current Issue
Commissioning of one of the first in production lines in Europe dedicated to calcined clay
Don‘t be afraid of new cements – Experiences with sustainable semi-dry concrete technology
Resistance of polymer modified calcium sulfoaluminate cement to sulphate attack
Application of a high-temperature & low-dust SCR in a cement plant
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