ZKG Newsletter 15|2021
ABB unveils game-changing ABB Ability eMine to fast-track transition to all-electric mines
ABB has launched the ABB Ability™ eMine, a portfolio of solutions that will help accelerate the move towards a zero-carbon mine. ABB also unveiled the piloting of the groundbreaking ABB Ability eMine FastCharge, one of the world’s fastest and most powerful charging systems, designed to interface with all makes of electric mining haul trucks. [Photo: ABB]
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Belt scales: A buyer's guide
"I recently spoke to one of our Swiss customers whose business is providing mobile crushing services at smaller gravel pits and construction sites," says FMS Senior Application Engineer Björn Kjaer. "Their machines can crush up to 3,400 tonnes of material each day. If a belt scale was to fail and put a machine out of action for just a day, they could lose revenue of many thousands of Swiss Francs." That's why you need a conveyer belt scale you can rely on.
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Plant report
The success story of a young enterprise
In the beginning, there was an idea and a man who grasped an opportunity, with his experience and his employees, and closed a recycling gap. He even received Berlin’s Green Tech Award for the solution that was developed. But let‘s first go back to the beginning.
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Air cannon innovations in preheater towers
Preheater tower downtime is costly in cement processing, both from a production and energy standpoint. Old air cannon solutions raise labor costs and put workers at potential risk in a daunting job that degrades morale. Recent innovations in the engineering, installation, assembly and design of air cannons have been particularly effective in maintaining safe, efficient flow in preheater towers. [Photo: Martin Engineering]
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A quantum leap in quality and process control
Results in under 60 minutes instead of at least 24 hours. The polab® Cal system automatically prepares cement samples and analyzes them on the basis of parameters defined by the plant operator. polab® Cal can weigh the sample, set the water-cement ratio, blend the samples, load them into the calorimeter, and automatically evaluate the data. polab® Cal is of modular design and can operate one or more calorimeters. polab® Cal closes the gap between process and product quality control.
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The digital delivery note
D‌igitization – also in the building materials industry – can no longer be stopped, even if – as in many other areas – progress is sometimes slow for a variety of reasons. All it takes is a little courage and the will to leave the beaten track. This also includes delivery note management. Here, a lot of paper and manual work are still the order of the day. [Source: noxus tv]
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Mechanical engineering industry expects production to grow
by 5% in 2022
The order books in the mechanical and plant engineering sector are well filled, but at the same time many companies are struggling with increasing material and supply bottlenecks. Shortages of electrotechnical and electronic components in particular have increased dramatically. The VDMA economists reaffirm their production forecast of plus 10% for the current year, and for 2022 they expect production to increase by 5%. [Photo: ClipDealer]
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Highlights of the Current Issue
Latest trends in Africa’s cement industry
The success story of a young enterprise
Industrial application of large raw material roller press finish grinding system
Extended Open Time – the need for standardization of an important characteristic of tile adhesives
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