ZKG Newsletter 9|2021
Road map for green cement production
Green cement is being considered by the global cement industry as a strategy to reduce carbon emissions and simultaneously deliver economic benefits to producers. FCT have developed FlashCalx™ and RotaCalx™ specialist clay calcining technologies to assist producers in achieving these benefits, as well as developing a proprietary solution to ensure the traditional ‘cement grey’ colouring is maintained in the final product. [Photo: Vlad Hilitanu/Unsplash]
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Quarry Life Award: HeidelbergCement opens its quarries
for unique biodiversity competition
HeidelbergCement has launched the fifth edition of the Quarry Life Award, its nature-based competition involving more than 20 countries worldwide. Researchers, students, local communities, NGOs and nature lovers from around the world can pitch their ideas for sustainable quarry management, with prizes up to € 30000 for the most innovative projects. [Photo: HeidelbergCement AG]
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First mill from Gebr. Pfeiffer to Burkina Faso
The regional cement demand in West Africa is growing steadily and the cement producers are counting on reliable and economical solutions. Thus, Gebr. Pfeiffer is again delivering an MVR vertical mill to this region. The vertical mill type MVR 6000 C-6 with an installed gear power of 6800 kW will be used in the second line of the Cim Metal Group in the Bobo-Dioulasso plant in Burkina Faso. [Photo: Gebr. Pfeiffer SE]
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Quarry restoration solution
Bardon Hill Quarry near Leicester in Leicestershire is one of the United Kingdom’s oldest continuously operated quarries. Aggregate Industries UK Ltd has recently developed a new quarry extension at this strategically important site. In order to sustain quarrying activities, a separate material handling system is required to extract, process and transport overburden for emplacement within the existing quarry as part of its restoration. [Photo: Doppelmayr]
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Advances in cement filling plants and transportation in China
During the last 20 years, the handling of bulk materials in China has changed considerably, among other things due to changes in environmental and occupational health requirements and more stringent dust regulation. This article looks at examples of plants who are leading the transition to modern technology and practices in the sphere of filling, loading and transportation. [Photo: Asia Cement]
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Supplies of gypsum as a raw material must be assured right away
“Building industry alarmed – Germany needs more gypsum”, “Where are we going to get gypsum in future?” – these were just a couple of the headlines appearing in the general media in recent times. Gypsum is used in numerous building materials, such as drywall, and also cement, lime and gypsum-based plasters, floor toppings and mortars, and it is an important and irreplaceable constituent. [Photo: Knauf]
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Highlights of the Current Issue
Latest trends in modular cement grinding plants
A review of tertiary cementitious systems:
Limestone and fly-ash-based composite cements
Supplies of gypsum as a raw material must be assured right away
Reducing the load of dust by safely loading
Use VR goggles for a virtual visit to an industrial plant
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